Change Log

You will be able to find an ever-growing list of the changes made to each app below! 
1) Rare Staker App  2) Rare Claim App 3) Rare Lotto App 
Looking For Our Roadmap?

Rare Lotto

V 1.0.0

  • Initial Release (May 31st 2021)

Staker App

V 1.2.0

  • Add: Overview Pane
  • Add: Drop Down Stake Instances
  • Add: Info Tooltips on Stake Items
  • Add: Unlock Notification Under Each Instance
  • Fix: Info Bars tabs displayed with no stake

V 1.1.0

  • Add: 6 new staker stat cards

V 1.0.2

  • UI: Fixed Mobile Staker UI Glitch & Button Placement 

V 1.0.1

  • Bug Fixed: Fixed 100% LP token stake failure 
  • Bug Fixed: Help Fix Honeyswap Pooling Gas issue on metamask mobile and desktop. 

V 1.0.0

  • Initial Release (May 3rd 2021)


 V 3.1.2

Security: Relaunched With BrightID Intergration
Merge: Claim Logic With Alpha Build 
Fix: Minor CSS Header Display bugs 
Add: Menu with links to other apps 

V 2.0.0

Fix: CSS Mobile Header Placement
Fix: CSS Center on mobile
Fix: CSS on estimate on Bounty
fix: json.parse issue with error message (alpha)
Fix: bounty btn not showing up for alpha users
Fix: Reg button not showing after some metamask claims 
Fix: double call to freindly capatch 
Fix: Mobile Styling 
Add: Bnt bounty est in xDai
Add: default to 2 gwei (Desktop)
add: Bounty reward x3 claim reward
add: please connect to the xdai network on load message 
add: version number to menu

V 1.0.0

  • UI: Added menu with links to support and docs
  • UI: Added active address button 
  • UI: Added new task bar
  • Bug Fixed: Fixed the claim button showing up after missing registration & preventing further registration. 

V 0.9.5

  • UI : Updated notification to let user know each claim expires 24 hours after current period ends. 

V 0.9.4

  • UI : Small typo fix

V 0.9.3 

  • Security: Friendly Captcha Integration!!!!
  • UI : 2 decimals to xDai value card
    UI: added 24 hour warning after regestration
  • UI: fixed decimal placements of rare coin