What’s New This Month! – May 2021

It's Been An Incredible Month ~ Heres what we accomplished.

June 4, 2021

Pauly @ Rarify Apps

It’s been an incredible month For Rare Coin! If you’ve been really busy, let’s fill you in on our accomplishments this month! Here’s a list of what we released and how you can participate! 

Rare Staking Launched!

Earn a weekly, monthly, or quarterly supply of Rare by supplying xdai/rare LP tokens to the rare staking app and earn up to 250% APR in rare on a 1k deposit.

First Rare NFTs Launch

Earn Big Bonuses in the Rare Stakers app by collecting our limited editions NFTs. Click the picture link to view the nft page and see the next nft release date.

First Rare Lottery

We launched our first Rare Lottery! Win 1.5 Rare + the first 250 tickets sold receive a Rare "Perks" NFT. Winner drawn July 5th!

So Whats Coming Next?

This month we will see many minor improvements to the staker app such as better UX improvements on the desktop app, better estimations tools such as a yield calculator tool, and a stats page to view global staker stats such as to see your percentage vs others. 

Our next major goals are to push adoption. By creating more apps that utilize and require the “Rare” token, such as the Lottery v2 app. This will create more demand pressure on the token by expanding its use case and therefore its value for holding. 

For a complete overview you can see our revised Roadmap Here 👉 https://rare.fyi/roadmap/

Also make sure you join our telegram news channel to hear up-to-date announcements about the project or join our community to get to the minute news on when it opens! 

Official FAQS: https://rare.fyi/faqs
Official Claiming App: https://rare.claims
Public News Channel: https://t.me/rarify_news
Rarify Public Community: https://t.me/rarify_community

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