Here's What We Accomplished and What's Coming Next.

February 2, 2022

It’s Rare Coin’s birthday! Are you excited? We at Rarify Apps sure are! One year ago (Feb 1 2021), The 1st Rare Coin was released! This marked the first day anyone could claim some rare coin on the xdai blockchain. Since then we have made it much easier to participate in claiming one of the internet’s most rare and fair cryptocurrencies on the block by abstracting away the complexities of web3 and making it fun and easy to start earning. 

Let’s recap everything that has happened since launch…

Here’s What We Accomplished this year.

March 1, 2021
March 1, 2021

Rare.claims Launch

Rare Claim App.! The public front end of claiming app release allowing anyone to claim with average returns of 60% per claim.

May 3rd, 2021
May 3rd, 2021

Staker App Launch

Rare Stakers App. Launch allowing rare LPs to earn yield through the front-end app claiming between 80%-250% APY 

May 24th, 2021
May 24th, 2021

Rare NFT launch

Rare NFTS. The NFT's are a complete hit adding value to Rare Coin Collectors. Some sold out in minutes! Keep an eye out for more release dates, have a chance to get your own!

May 31st, 2021
May 31st, 2021

Lotto App Launch

Rare Lotto. Proof of concept lottery app release date. A fun way to win more Rare Coins !

August 21st, 2021
August 21st, 2021

Rare Coin API

Finnished: Internal API used for cross app statics, query's & future expansion and integration into other DeFi projects.  

A look at the Numbers

734 Coins have been collected, with the current price trading at $53 US a coin.

Liquidity has grown 17.50X since launch growing from 4k to 34,531.12k total value locked, increasing over 1750%.

Rare Coin has 3288 active holders and Claiming App has achieved 5951 verified users.

Heres Whats Coming Next

If you thought year 1 was exciting, this year is even more exciting! The groundwork is in on the token, and now we can build out infrastructure on top of rare to infuse into the new economy. Take a look at what we got on the burner!

Easy Buy & Afflilate App

The affiliate app is near completion! The app will be released this month (February 2022) Make sure to collect your 3 coins each to earn 5% back on every referral! 

Onboarding 2.0

New onboarding experience and methods will be added to the app. 

  1. Instant Verification | 10 xDai for lifetime of claiming.
  2. Auto Verification | When Staking Over 10 xDai value
  3. Dao Whitelist | Method to be whitelisted by future dao hangouts. 
  4. Third Party | Tooling for third party whitelisting expansion implementation. 

Enhanced Staking Contract

Upgrade staking contract to produce true higher yield on longer stake timeframes, ability to add any approved rare pair to stake, duel reward staking, receive a deposit token used for governance or other Defi activities & ability to share fees with future dao. 

Cryptfolio Integration

Planed: Rare Coin integration in the upcoming “Cryptfolio” app used to unlock higher tier benefits.

The cryptfolio app will let you see your whole portfolio in once place from any chain or exchange! Simply enter the crypto accounts or manually enter the crypto you own to track your complete crypto portfolio in one place.

Cross Chain Train

Planed: Stand alone app built to effortlessly and seamlessly trade any currency from any chain.

( Rare Token Utilized to increases trade limits)  

If you would like to see the complete 2022 roadmap checkout out our revised project list

If you have any more questions you can check out our other walkthroughs & tutorials.

You can also join our telegram news channel to hear up-to-date announcements about the project or share what you discover with others in the community group!

Official App: https://rare.claims
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/RarifyApps
Public News Channel: https://t.me/rarify_news
Rarify Public Community: https://t.me/rarify_community

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