March 2022
March 2022

Easy Buy & Affiliate

EasyBuy App & Fiat On Ramp. Allowing anyone to buy Rare in 135+ different fiat currencies, Generate referral links and earn commission. 

Target 🎯 Q4 2022
Target 🎯 Q4 2022

Onboarding 2.0

Active: New onboarding experience and methods will be added to the app. 

  1. Instant Verification | 10 xDai for lifetime of claiming.
  2. Auto Verification | When Staking Over 10xDai value
  3. Dao Whitelist | Method to be whitelisted by future dao hangouts. 
  4. Third Party | Tooling for third party whitelisting expansion implementation. 
Target 🎯 Q4 2022
Target 🎯 Q4 2022

Enhanced Staking Contract

Planed: Upgrade staking contract to produce true higher yield on longer stake timeframes, ability to add any rare pair to stake & receive a deposit token used for governance or other Defi activities. 

Inside Our Dream Intergration

Planed: 3rd Party Integration Into the Inside Our Dream Blockchain-Based Social Network Project. Liquidity Sharing Built Into Rare Staking App.

Profit generated shared with Rare Stakers.