How To Claim Rare Coin from Aplhawallet (using the built-in browser)  -  Android

In this tutorial, we will be covering a complete tutorial on how to register and claim RARE Coin using Alphawallet.

March 15, 2021


In this tutorial, we will be covering a complete tutorial on how to register and claim RARE Coin using Alphawallet.

Before we can start, we will assume you have the following prerequisites met.


Step 1) Open your Alphawallet App and tap to the browser tab on the main navigation bar.



Step 2) On the browser page, Scroll down and look for the xDai section and select “View All” — It should look like this…



Step 3) On the next page scroll down and search for “Rare” then select it.



Step 4) After selecting the “Rare” you will be directed to the main website. If you scroll down you will be able to learn more about the project’s Tokenomics, features, and links to community resources and social channels. For now, click the claim button to jump to the claiming app.



Step 5) You will now be on the claiming app where you can register your account for the upcoming claim event. Before you proceed, take note of what network you are on. You can view this by seeing what network is listed on the top right of the browser. If it says, “Ethereum” tap it and select “xDai”. From there the app will load correctly. You can now click the “Register” button to start the registration process.



Step 6) Once you have tapped the register button, the app will confirm your humanity. This will take a few moments… Once it has confirmed you are human, a popup message will appear to inform you about the gas costs and claiming fees. You will need at least 0.10 xDai to cover the fees. Press “confirm” to continue. To learn about why and where the fees go you can review our faqs page: “”.



After approving the transaction, please wait a few moments for the network to verify your transaction, this normally takes 5 seconds or less. 


After the network verifies your transaction, the display will change as shown below to let you know it was successful! If it doesn’t, try refreshing the page. 


Step 7) After the period timer ends, a “Claim” button will appear. You will only have an estimated 24 hours to claim your share after the current registration timer has expired. Make sure you claim your share as quickly as possible or you risk forfeiting your share. 



Step 8) You have successfully claimed an equal share of Rare! In your excitement, don’t forget to re-register! You can now repeat the process every day until 2071 when the full supply of rare will be finally distributed! 

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You can also join our telegram news channel to hear up-to-date announcements about the project or share what you discover with others in the community group!

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