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What is Rare Coin?

RARE COIN is an immutable self-distributing cryptocurrency easily accessible for anyone to earn.  Two Rare coins are created and distributed every day:  One is equally distributed to the daily Claimers and one is weighted distributed to the weekly Stakers.
Unlike Bitcoin or Ether, Rare Coin is eco friendly, cheap to transact with and are “Farmed” instead of “Mined“. This means you don’t need to invest thousands into computer equipment to get earn crypto dividends, you just need to setup a free Wallet, add a few xDai, prove you’re human and you can be collecting free crypto!

The Rare Coin Difference

Rare Coin lives on Gnosis Chain. This stable coin based blockchain makes transacting with Rare Coin nearly instant and fee-less. ( < 7s & < $0.0007 cents per transaction ).
This allows us to distribute Rare coin basically for free rather than transacting on the slow and expensive Ethereum main chain. (Up to an hour and $50 per transaction).

Seriously Rare.

There will only ever be 36,500 RARE coins with the final coins being Farmed in 2071.
There is no presale or initial distribution. Instead, 2 coins are slowly dripped once a day from a smart contract on Gnosis chain.


Only Two Rare Coins are released & distributed daily. One coin is sent to the “Claimers pool” and the second coin is sent to the “Stakers pool”. There, the coin is distributed based on that pool’s rules. To learn about each pool’s rules visit: Claimers and Stakers.


Claimers receive an equally distributed portion of the pool’s allocated daily supply of rare coin (1 coin per day). Anyone can make a claim through the Rarify Fountain App (pending they are connected to the xdai chain, have enough to cover the network transaction cost and are brightID verified). Claimers can only make one claim per wallet, per daily distribution period. Learn More 


Stakers can claim additional rewards by staking their collected Rare Coin to receive benefits. This allows them to earn daily interest from accrued fees through the trading network and receive additional rare coin for a set number of weeks. Learn More 

Rare Coin Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Create an ultra-rare currency ANYONE can farm. By equally and freely distributing the currency, this ensures mass distribution for widespread ownership of the asset. Just like in the early days of bitcoin, it was common for the average user to have many bitcoin. Yet over time, those few dollars turned into thousands.

There are no secret investors or holders. Rare Coin has been fairly distributing its supply since genesis. Users and investors create the price based on the exchanges farmers wish to sell on. When you hold some RARE coin you are adopting a currency based of these values. 

By creating an ultra-low-cost and equally distributed farm, we can ensure that everyone has a chance to claim and own some of the rarest cryptocurrencies out there!

Not Sure How To Get Started?

We can help you. Are you new to crypto or Just need a bit more info?
How To Buy Rare in 3 Steps! 

New To Crypto? Need more info?
How To Buy Rare In 3 steps!