“Rare” Coin Rallies over $1000 per coin during its first week debut!

On the launch of our brand new claiming app on the xDai chain, Rare Coin explodes 2000% on honeyswap.org

March 15, 2021

Pauly @ Rarify Apps

While Bitcoin (BTC) and major altcoins tend to garner most of the attention from investors, this undiscovered altcoin gem has absolute exploded in just the first week of trading! 

In just under 7 days, “Rare Coin” traded up to $1530 after the claiming app had garnered over 3000 claimers waiting to get a piece of the new cryptocurrency on the xDai blockchain for virtually free.

It’s okay if you never heard about “Rare coin” because it was only just incepted nearly a few short months ago. So here are a few cool facts about it! 

Cool Facts About Rare Coin

“Rare” is a new cryptocurrency that lives on the xDai Stake Blockchain that is easily accessible from wallets like Aplhawallet & Metamask with just a few settings tweaked

1) Rare Coin has only been publicly available since March 8th 2021.

2) There will only ever be 36500 coins total and 720 coins released this year. The last coins won’t hit the market until 2071.

3) 99.9% of the total supply is up for grabs via our claiming app (out now) or staking app(out now).

4) Rare Coin is 575x rarer than Bitcoin.

5) Rare Coin Burns 99.999961907722218920895% Less Power then bitcoin!

6) If you are reading this in 2021 it’s like stumbling upon a bitcoin article in 2009.

So Where Can You Get It?

Right now there are only 2 methods on getting some “Rare Coin” both require the following:  


1) Claim Some For .10 cents a claim

You can claim a share once a day by registering for the next claiming period in our rare.claims app in your wallets dapp browser. Once you have done so, make sure to come back once the timer expires to claim your share that you just registered for. You will only have approximately 24 hours to claim or risk forfeiting your share. (Here’s a great tutorial on how to claim with Metamask or Aplhawallet

But maybe you want more than a tiny fraction in the pool, well you can always buy some while it’s still cheap. 

2) Buy a larger share on app.honeyswap.org

You can buy and sell the Rare you collect on Honeyswap, xDai’s leading Dex. Assuming you have some extra xDai in your wallet you are willing to invest, Simply visit the Dapp, connect your wallet, select “Rare” and hit the swap button. Confirm your transaction and you will get some of the rarest cryptos out there!   

If you are brand new to crypto, or unsure how this works don’t worry, we have you covered. We have a full tutorial on How To Buy and Sell Rare Coin on Honeyswap

3) More ways coming soon. 

Yup, there will be plenty more ways to earn Rare as this project has just started! Coming in April you will soon be able to earn a share of Rare for staking liquidity through Honeyswap & later this summer you will also be able to participate in the Rare lottery, where there will be a monthly & daily jackpot ! Make sure to follow us on telegram for all the latest developments on the project! 

But how will Rare coin be useful?

1) Holding Value (As savings) – Very limited supply dripped over a very long time means extremely low sell pressure against exponential demand. This will create the opportunity to earn a strong yield fundamentally by just holding against the xDai / USD pair.

2) Earning Yield – We will be releasing yield farming on the xDai / Rare pair on Honeyswap which will let farmers earn a yield of nearly 127% Apr. This will be one of the stronger Defi yielding apps out there and increase the demand for Rare coin to boost yields in this pool.

3) Payments – You could actually use Rare to buy things. Rare lives on the xDai network, transacting rare is fast and cheap! ( < 5s & < $0.0007 cents per transaction )

You will be able to buy lottery tickets, nfts, and pay for services on the Inside Our Dream network next year just to start (more web connects announced later this year).

Still, got questions? 

No problem you should always know your facts and risks of any investment. Make sure to read the overview of the project on our Website Homepage and review our Frequently Asked Questions. Anyway, that’s it for now! Make sure to like this article or share with someone who loves crypto as much as you! 

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